Tech Support Portal

A request for IT repairs / installation must follow steps:

1. An IT repairs / installation request must be submitted to following email address with a copy to the principal

a. Terrell High Tech Request -

Principal -

b. Terrell Middle Tech Request -

Principal -

c. Cooper Carver Tech Request -

Principal -

d. Board Office Tech Request -

Curriculum Director -

e. Terrell Technology Tech Request -

Superintendent –

2. The request must be okayed by the school principal

3. If the purchase of parts for the repairs or installation is be okayed by the principal, based on the Fund, a Purchase Order must be issued from:

a. Fund 150 – Title I

b. Fund 100 – Accounting

c. Fund Nutrition – Food Services

d. Fund Transportation - Accounting

4. Parts are ordered when needed for the repair or installation.

5. Once everything that is needed has come in the repair or installation is scheduled

After the repair or installation is completed, the principal and the requestor are emailed